The quality of five is magical. Children instinctively draw fivefold stars, and we all sense its phizzy, energetic quality.
Five marries male and female - as two and three in some cultures, or three and two in others - and so is the universal number or reproduction and biological life. A Fibonacci number, it is also the number of water, every moleculeof which is a corner of a pentagon. Water itself is an amazing liquid crystal lattice of flexing icosahedra, these being one of the five Platonic solids, five triangles meeting at each point. As such, water shows it's quality as being that of flow, dynamism and life. Dry things are either dead or they are awaiting water.
Fives are found in apples, flowers, hands and feet. Our nearest planet, Venus, goddess of love and beauty, draws a lovely fivefold pattern about Earth as she whirls around the Sun.
Our most universal scale, the pentatonic, is made of five tones (the black keys on a piano), grouped into two and three. The Renaissance demand for intervals involving the number 5, like the major third, which uses the ratio 5:4, produced the modern scale.
Five is the diagonal of a three-by-four rectangle. However, unlike threes and fours, fives disdain the plane, waiting for the third dimension to fit together to produce the fifth element. - Qudrivium, Miranda Lundy
The orbit Venus makes around the earth
March 23, 2015 by Kirt Holmes
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