Isabella Golden Ratio necklace


Brand Kirt Holmes Jewellery

Sterling silver plated chains with glass beads hand woven necklace.

Intricately woven using the finest semi-precious and glass beads, this piece is adjustable and can be worn long or short. The design uses the golden ratio to determine the drape of the necklace, it creates a perfect shape (says Kirt)

Product information

Isabella Golden Ratio necklace

  • Dimensions: 41cm / 16.14in extending to 52cm / 20.47in
  • Size: one size extendable.
  • Black glass, sterling silver plated base metal, cotton.

Lovingly handmade in the UK from the finest materials.

Care instructions.

Jewellery develops it's own patina with wear, and here at Kirt Holmes we believe that to be a good thing, we don't believe in over protecting jewellery with varnish and artificial finishes. Your piece of jewellery will develop with age, as it becomes more yours and takes on the character of the way you wear it, washing the beaded part occasionally with warm soapy water (just regular dish washing soap is best as it leaves no residue) will keep the beads bright and sparkly.