‘Everything connects.’

Is the motto of award-winning jewellery designer Kirt Holmes, as she explores the cosmos in all it's glory to find those human connections that are so meaningful and vital to life.

Kirt comes from Yorkshire, where she was born and raised. The rolling hills and mill towns gave birth to her aesthetic. They grounded her like the stone out of which industrial Yorkshire was built.

It’s upon this ground that she has overlaid her interests in geometry, philosophy, archaeology, anthropology, and adventure. They have informed her work in the ten years since her first collection. Today, Kirt Holmes’ Jewellery occupies a place on the global stage.

The thought that goes into the work means that rather than relying on trends, it engages in timeless themes, particularly the sense that we are all connected, and that from an authentic connection with the past we can reach out more fully into the future. ‘In my work I like to impart a sense of where we come from, where we are and where we are going,’ says Holmes. The work in turn encourages personal investment and thought from the wearer.

The same care that goes into the thought behind the work, is applied to the reality of the production process. Quality of design is paramount. Where possible the jewellery is made by hand; technology is used sparingly and appropriately. In all cases, ethical procedures, craftsmanship and artisanal productivity are the rule.

Production happens in London and Yorkshire, not only to reflect Kirt’s sense of place, but to respond to the devastating effects the decline of British manufacturing have wrought on the North of England. Kirt Holmes Jewellery is a family business, with Kirt’s sister managing operations in the north.